Happy Trainees Label

GEFCO participated for the first time this year in the largest European satisfaction survey among interns, work-study placement students and VIE* volunteers, and is proud to have been awarded the HappyTrainees 2016-2017 label.



The interns and work-study placement students at the GEFCO Head Office and the GEFCO France Head Office, as well as VIE volunteers working in foreign subsidiaries completed the online questionnaire and gave GEFCO an average score of 3.83/5.

They expressed their day-to-day perception of GEFCO and evaluated their experience within the Group in terms of 6 aspects: professional advancement – stimulating environment – management – motivation – pride – fun/pleasure. Certification for this 100% participatory and 100% digital survey is based on the participation rate, the overall score and the recommendation.

What our young talents most appreciate: their assignments, thanks to the positive atmosphere and team spirit, the possibility to develop their skills and expertise as well as their autonomy, and the desire to achieve ambitious objectives through the trust placed in them. 85% of them would recommend GEFCO to their friends for an internship, a work-study placement or a VIE contract.


Virginie Outerovitch, Head of the Talent Division says: “We are very proud to have been awarded the HappyTrainees label, which reflects the experience of our young talents in their work and their day-to-day tasks. By participating in this innovative operation, our Group is helping improve its hosting of, development and support for future talents and has the opportunity to share its culture with today’s applications and those of tomorrow.”


Thanks to these results, GEFCO is now one of the 151 companies awarded the HappyTrainees label and published on the website meilleures-entreprises.com. The Group has thus set itself apart from the 1,500 or so companies evaluated as part of the operation.


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*International Volunteering in Business – find out more at https://www.civiweb.com/